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Diploma of Musical Theatre CUA50220

2022 Applications now open

Gain unique industry insights, personalised training and performance experience. 
Stage School Australia presents the Performance Intensive - CUA50220 Diploma of Musical Theatre 

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Earn your Diploma of Musical Theatre CUA50220 in 2022, with our fully accredited course.

Become a Triple Threat

Learn directly from experienced teachers and industry professionals to develop professional musical theatre skills by combining studio based classes, masterclasses and performance intensives, with more formal study units.  Delivered in collaboration with the Australian Teachers of Dancing RTO#31624

Creative skills for the future workforce

One in two Australians agree that the arts have a big or very big impact on building creative skills that will be necessary for the future workforce. This is in line with the growing body of evidence that identifies creative skills as essential to workforces of the future. In recent years, multiple predictions about workforces of the future – both Australian and international studies – have identified increasing need for creative thinking and skills. Creativity enables adaptability, experimentation and innovation. Creative skills have been integral to the fast-growing industries in Australia over the past decade and ... creativity can cultivate new ideas, technologies and cutting edge innovation.    Australia Council for the Arts Creating Our Future Report, August 2020

Diploma of Musical Theatre CUA50220

Through working with qualified teachers and industry professionals, students will work towards developing professional musical theatre skills. 

At the conclusion of the course, students should be equipped to audition for professional musical theatre, or to undertake further professional training.

Full time 9:15am-4:00pm weekdays

2022 Term Dates

Term 1: 7 February – 8 April

Term 3: 11 July – 16 September

Term 2: 26 April – 24 June

Term 4: 3 October – 20 December

Orientation Week:

31 January - 4 February

*Dates are subject to slight changes

Core & Elective Units

















Provide freelance services 

Develop vocal techniques 

Refine performance techniques 

Prepare for and perform in competitive environments 

Refine musical theatre techniques 

Maintain a high level of fitness for performance 

Refine contemporary dance techniques *

Develop sustainability of own professional practice *

Apply theatrical make-up and hairstyles *

Extend musical theatre performance techniques to a professional level *

Develop advanced vocal techniques *

Develop and apply acting techniques for musical theatre *

Write About Dance *

Use different performance techniques *

Perform solo in a musical theatre context * 

Perform in a musical theatre ensemble *

This course will be conducted under a partnership with Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) RTO#31624, a not-for-profit organisation and one of the leading providers of nationally accredited dance teaching in Australia.

* Elective units and course structure are subject to change and are at the discretion of the Course Director

I used everything that I was learning from Stage School’s First Year Performance Intensive with all of my teachers and took a lot in from what I learnt from the master class weeks. I truly didn’t hold back for the preparation of my audition and achieved goals that I didn’t think possible to achieve in such little time.  Student


Focus on the integration of performance skills and choreographic practice in a range of dance styles.


Study music theatre voice technique, including breath support, pitch, range and tone through an exploration of large and small ensemble music theatre songs.


The structure of the course allows intensive skills training and practice to take place alongside rehearsal processes and a wide variety of performance styles.

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Explore practical techniques to encourage spontaneity and unlock your imagination. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 2.47.48 pm.png

Work with a dialect and accent coach to master a range of regional accents and understand the techniques behind it.

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What training providers are on My Skills?

All of the training providers on My Skills are registered training organisations (RTOs).

This means they are registered by a state or territory or national regulator (ASQA) recognition authority to deliver training and/or conduct assessments and issue nationally recognised qualifications.

Only RTOs can:

  • Deliver nationally recognised courses and accredited Australian Qualifications Framework VET qualifications.

  • Apply for Australian state and territory funding to deliver vocational education and training.

An RTO is an organisation that provides VET qualifications; e.g.

  • technical and further education (TAFE) institutes

  • adult and community education providers

  • agricultural colleges

  • industry skill centres

  • commercial and enterprise training providers

  • some universities, higher education providers, and high schools

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Students enrolling in our courses may be eligible to receive income support. For Centrelink purposes, eligibility for student payments are dependent on the course being approved. Please contact Centrelink to explore your eligibility for other income support payments as this is based on an individual’s personal circumstances. To find more information, please visit the Services Australia website.


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