Diploma of Musical Theatre CUA50213



Please complete the online application form.  This includes short self-test videos of singing and acting. 


Please upload the video to Vimeo (or another platform) and set to Private, and include these links in the online form.

Applications now open for 2021, with online auditions taking place from September on a rolling basis as submissions are received.

Download 2021 Information Pack

Selection Criteria

Successful applicants will progress to an online audition (Zoom or equivalent) with Stage School Australia instructors.  

At a minimum, successful applicants must demonstrate Certificate skills (or equivalent) in at least one of area of Singing, Dancing and/or Acting, along with the potential to develop skills in the others. 

Auditions & Offers


Details will be provided to successful applicants what to prepare for the audition. This will include an interview and additional singing, dance or acting demonstrations if requested.  

Offers will be made to successful applicants from October on a rolling basis. Second (and subsequent) round offers will be made if places become available. Confirmation of enrolments will not occur until all studio and student enrolment processes have been completed eg. confirmation of citizenship, language and literacy competencies, and any accessibility/inclusion issues which may need to be addressed.